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Life and Death: Understanding Our Present and Our Future
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2. Joel 2

3. Joel 3




slide1Heaven is often understood by what Hollywood, movies, books or even friends and family have suggested to us. It is too often not the picture that God has given to us. In this study we will look at the Biblical portrait of the New Heaven and Earth that is coming.

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It is exciting for me to share this new Bible study with everyone visiting this site. I have developed a study to analyze the recorded worship of the scenes of what is taking place in Heaven as worship is rising in the presence of God. Because in Christ we are continually in the presence of God, there is a lot we can learn about growing in our worship from these Scriptures. I pray you are blessed. As always feel free to duplicate and share these or any studies on this site. They are free to everyone for the sake of the Kingdom.


Check out this new 12 week series on one of the great prophets of God. It is packed with historical information that proves the historical accuracy of world events foretold long before they took place.

Small Group Materials

On the link for Small Groups you will find an instructional guide for starting home life groups. I am slowly uploading study guides that I have developed for you to use on a large variety of topics. They are free to download and duplicate. I pray God blesses your groups richly. -Dr. Harley Ihm

Fighting the Effects of Illness and Aging

This great new study provides a great tool for you to use and to share with others. The study developed by Dr. Ihm is based on the research of Dr. John J.Ratey, M.D. of Harvard Medical School. Dr. Ratey is the Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry. His book, Spark, The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, explores the latest discoveries in the field of exercise and neurological and physical health. You can learn more at: